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"Fake job titles, fame-seeking contestants, gratuitous shower scenes and the consistent lack of racial diversity are just a handful of the show’s signature components skewered during the show."

The Hollywood Reporter


Just signed with Right Angle Entertainment!

We are now working with Right Angle Entertainment for a North American Tour slated for Fall 2021.


About the Show

Created by UCB alumn and Bachelor fan/podcaster Richelle Meiss, Bachelor the Musical had a sold-out six month run at UCB and has expanded to a full-length version at Rockwell and Dynasty Typewriter. The amazing composing team of Sam & Tony came onboard and created a gorgeous score.

With songs like "Right Reasons," "Two-On-One Tango," and "The Date Card is a Riddle," the laughs don't stop.

Bachelor The Musical is the most dramatic unauthorized musical parody of The Bachelor yet. Who will get the final rose? Who will go home heartbroken? And how many Bachelor jokes can they cram into a one-hour musical? You’ll have to come to find out. We hope you come for the Right Reasons- to laugh!


Peter Porte as The Bachelor (Young And The Restless, Hallmark Channel, Mamma Mia National Tour), Rob Warner as Chris Harrison, Richelle Meiss, Mary Lou, Ele Woods, Sydney Hawes and Janaya Jones.

Directed by Tim Drucker

Music by The Sam & Tony Show

*This show is not affiliated in any way with The Bachelor. This is an unauthorized parody musical.


Production Team

Richelle Meiss

Book and Lyrics, Producer, Actor

Richelle was the producer/sidekick on The Viall Files podcast, which was ranked #8 in all podcasts by the Associated Press in 2019. She spent two years as a digital media writer/creator under parody king David Zucker making sketches with millions of views.

The Sam & Tony Show


Sam Johnides and Tony Gonzalez are the musical duo behind the comedic musical Supportive White Parents which is currently running at Second City Los Angeles.

Tim Drucker


Tim Drucker is a Brooklyn based playwright and director.  With a diverse background in musical theater, sketch comedy, dramaturgy and experimental theater, Tim's work has been a fixture of the Off-Broadway scene for over a decade. His national tours have played major venues throughout North America including the Kirk Douglass Theater, Mirvish Theatre Group in Toronto, Broadway in Chicago and the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.




Peter Porte

The Bachelor


Rob Warner

Chris Harrison


Sydney Hawes



Janaya Jones



Ele Woods



Mary Lou




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